Developing Trend of Pneumatic Industry

1.With the combination of electronic technology, the use of a large number of sensors, intelligent pneumatic components.

Instead of flow meters and pressure gauges, sensors can automatically control the flow and pressure of the Compressed air, which not only saves energy but also ensures a more efficient use of the device.

2. Smaller, lighter, lower consumption

In the manufacturing industry of electronic component and medicine, the size of pneumatic components is limited due to the small volume of the processed parts, so the first development direction of pneumatic components is miniaturization and lightness.

3. High precision of the actuator is high, increased rigidity, the piston rod does not return and easy to use

In order to improve the positioning accuracy of cylinder, the application of attached brake mechanism and servo system is more and more common. The cylinder with servo system still can achieve a positioning accuracy of ± 0.1 mm even if the air supply pressure and load change.

4. Higher security and reliability

According to the international standards of pneumatic technology in recent years, the standards not only require interchangeability, but also emphasize safety. Pressure tests, such as pipe fittings, air source treatment housings, mention 4-5 times service pressure, pressure time up to 5-15mins, and testing at high and low temperatures.

5. Development trend of  higher speed, higher frequency, faster response, longer service life

In order to improve the production efficiency of the production equipment, it is necessary to improve the operating speed of the executive component.

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